Saturday, December 26, 2009

Molly & Little Boy wrestling

Molly, as sweet as can be, definitely the agressor in this battle!
Sorry this one is a little grainy... not sure why.

Christmas Puppy!

Merry Christmas family! Here is a video of the children and their first sight of the tree xmas morning. Not quite the screams of delight we were anticipating (still groggy, aubrey said he felt like he was going to puke - the fun never ends!), but lots of OMG's and smiles... we LOVE our new little puppy! (no name yet - suggestions? we're calling him 'little boy' for now!) He is so so sweet, mellow, and very well behaved. So far so good with the potty business, although I suppose it's tough to have an accident when you are being carried everywhere! The dust has settled, and the kids keep pinching themselves (and me too) over little boy (: It was wonderful to talk to some of you yesterday, and hope all of you had a joyful Christmas!

And here's another video... Aubrey really does *love* little boy, and has bonded with him well today... lol!


Saturday, December 19, 2009

hitting the Christmas party circuit today - 35 weeks. Cheers to all!