Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello from Wrightwood

Hello all! Beetle and I are in Wrightwood, 369 trail miles from the border. We hitched in this morning, filled our bellies with giant breakfasts, and as we were looking for a laundromat, we met a nice couple named Rob and Ann. After informing us that there WAS no laundromat, they invited us over to their place to do our laundry, have a shower, and check our email. Rob also offered me up a tallboy Coors Light, that I couldn't possibly refuse, even if it was only 11am. This last section, 105 miles from Big Bear, we did in 5 days and a few hours this morning, so we're getting in shape and starting to really move. Our feet are much improved as well. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the beginnings of summertime. Next stop for us is Agua Dulce. Cheers!


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